Monday, March 23, 2009

In the beginning...

I'm new to this. My wife, Linda, has encouraged me to put "pen to paper", so to speak, about my musings on current events, history and maybe even take a look at our future.

I, like many people today, am concerned over the events that are taking place in this country today. The country that I was priviliged to grow up in has slipped away and I fear that it will be a thing of antiquity by the time I am able to teach my son what it is to be an American. I fear that for him America will no longer be "that shining city on a hill" that President Reagan spoke of with such optimism and pride. I fear that to be an American will be a dirty word for him. We will be just another nation among nations of this planet. How depressing. I hope that this will not be so. I, you can rest assured, will teach him that he was fortunate enough to be born in the greatest nation this world has ever known. We were the upstarts that defeated the greatest empire of their time to become a free people with rights that no government could take away...or so they thought. They didn't foresee us voting away our God given rights at the ballot box, or willfully giving our freedoms away for "security" or "political correctness" or in order to be "enviornmentally friendly". We have fought more wars to defend the rights of others than anyone else in the history of this planet. And unlike the true conquerors and colonial powers of the past, we did not keep the lands we liberated or demand tribute or loyalty in the future from these peoples. They were again allowed self rule. Your welcome France! I digress. I guess what I'm going to attemp here is to talk about how good our country really is. I'm going to blow my top from time to time, that's a given with the way things are being handled right now, but it will not all be negative, bash bash bash.

I'll be putting up links to site and news that I find interesting. Pics of the baby. Yes, you people will be stuck with watching the most beautiful man-child in the world grow up. JD was an unexpected gift from God. My wife and I were told that we probobly would not have kids, so He is very, very, very loved.....not quite spoiled, just loved. So this is it. Enjoy.