Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doubt me?

For those who doubt that the government actually wants to have complete control of the populace, just look at what POTUS is attempting to do now. He wants to set "guidelines" for executive pay for those companies receiving bailout money. Tell the truth Mr. President, you want to control the amount of money we may earn. I'm comforted knowing that the government is now going to tell me how much I can earn. This is wrong on so many levels. First of all we're capitalists, not communists. This is nothing more than class warfare in its most despicable form.

Think this through people! These companies that we have bailed out would like to recover and be profitable again someday. Not now. They won't be able to bring in the talent needed to accomplish the goal. Here's what I mean. Two companies are fighting for their life in this economic downturn. They each want to bring in a person who has made a career of bringing companies out of the financial wilderness. The first company, which received bailout money and is subjected to the brilliant business minds of the Obama administration and his compensation "guidelines", can only offer a salary based on what the government says he's worth and caps his bonus potential for turning things around at one-third of his salary. The second company in our scenario has not received any bailout money and has a very aggressive board of directors that is committted to bringing in the best person for the job no matter what the cost, as long as he performs. They offer him the gaudy salary, insane bonuses and a golden parachute. Which company will find the brightest and best business minds to come in and save their companies? Which companies get whoever is left and struggle to survive and quite possibly fail? Which company would you work for? The one that is willing to commit to you and reward you for your business skills and years of knowledge, or the company that really isn't able to compensate you for all your qualifications? It's a no-brainer. Not only are the companies that received the government money going to find it more difficult to survive, the taxpayers are the ones who really get the shaft when these companies go tango uniform and those billions of dollars we shelled out to save them are gone.

Now the average dumb masses of this country believe that this is okay to do because they're just the evil rich who make too much money anyway. We should tell them how much they can make, right? Well, what happens when the government expands this power to include your line of work and job skill? What happens when it's your experience that means nothing to the federal govenment? And what happens when the tax revenue from all those rich people, who are no longer rich, doesn't come in to the coffers of the almighty federal government and everybody's taxes go through the roof to recover those losses? Good, at least we showed those rich people, didn't we?

Let's face it, this administration and the Democrat party are steering our country towards bankruptcy. They are stealing from my son and his son the ability to enjoy the same economic freedoms and pursue the same American Dream that all Americans have had until now. It's already gone. It saddens me that this generation doesn't even care that their kids will not have the same chance at success that we had. What a disgrace. I fear that we as a people have grown far too soft and weak. We'd rather have security over freedom. And in the end, we will have neither. Fascism is on the way. Doubt me?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The Supreme Court of The United States of America has betrayed the American people. The very people they have sworn to protect have been viciously betrayed and discarded for political expediency. It is a sad day today in America when the judicial branch, designed to protect and defend the people from those who would seek to impose tyranical power over them, is itself nothing more than a servant to those seeking to "reign" over the American people. It is painfully obvious that the assault on our courts by the socialist movement of the Democrat party has been a sweeping and total victory.

The "little guy" that the left champions itself as the servant and protector of just got screwed, along with the "rule of law" and our Constitution.

U.S. Code. Title 11. Chapter 5. Sub-chapter 1(creditors and claims).506 of the Bankrupcy Laws of The United States of America expressly outlines the order of interest in bankruptcy proceedings. The Imperial Federal Government of The United States of America and the United Auto Workers Union and it's employees, who have NO SECURED INTEREST OR COLLATERAL in Chrysler Corporation, are CLEARLY SUBORDINATE to the secured creditors. These secured creditors include financial instititions with which Chrysler has put up collateral for loans, and the bondholders, which include the State of Indiana's Teachers Union, Police and Firemen's Unions, of which Chrysler also put up collateral for operating resources. This act of collusion between the Executive and Judicial branches of government in order to subvert the Constitutional provisions of the United States for the sole purpose of pandering to the Auto Workers Union, who, by the way contributed over TWENTYFOUR MILLION DOLLARS to the Obama campaign, is completely abhorrant and disgraceful! Even more disgraceful is the way that the "watch dog" media has turned its head and will do NOTHING to protect the American people. I find myself disgusted and almost ashamed to be an American today. It is true that the American citizen has no legal recourse or voice in the machinations of our government any longer. It also is true that the average American citizen finds American Idol, Entertainment Tonight, WWE and it's next six pack more important than the mundane issues of the day such as the erosion of our basic freedoms, the disregard for the rule of law, taxes, or a nuclear Iran and ever more aggressive North Korea. We don't care that Islamic terrorists captured on a foreign battlefield are being given the same rights as an American citizen. Our free fall into socialism (really it's more closely alligned with Fascism, but to explain that would significantly challenge the intellect of the average government educated person of this country), appears to be more the inevitable than just the possible, but who cares? All we want to know is who the celebutard of the day is sleeping with now.

My conclusion....who really cares?

Alright, alright, I'll tell. In Socialism the government owns the businesses and therefore controls them. In Fascism the businesses are still privately owned, but controlled by the government. That's really where we are right now. Obama doesn't want to outright own the businesses of America(yet), He (and the National Socialist/Democrat Party) just want to have complete control over them through TARP loans, laws and government regulations (oversight). Wake up America, here come the new Nazis.