Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pics of the kid

Getting ready for the big game. You can never start too young!!

I know that I'm biased and my vote doesn't count, but ya gotta admit...He's a cutie!!!

One of the few cool things about living in Florida...Just step out your front door and watch the shuttle take off.

Bumper Stickers

How about some politically insensitive bumper stickers:

1. Vote Stupid, Vote DUMB-O-CRAT

2. Democrat= Kill the unborn, Save the Murderer
Republican= Save the unborn, Kill the Murderer

3. I'm a white, male, evangelical, pro-life, gun toting, right-wing veteran terrorist suspect

4. Have you hugged your teleprompter today?

5. Stand up Chuck!!

6. Uh..uuhhh, uh. The teleprompter must be skipping again.